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Céline and her brother Nicolas, after graduating from their Masters at Oxford University in Environmental Sciences embarked on the ‘Zero Waste VoyageTM’ around the world to inspire people to live a minimalist lifestyle.

The ‘Zero Waste’ Lifestyle is all about limiting trash, and in particular single-use plastic. This holds true for a wide array of things we consume in our every day lives— food in our kitchens, products in our bathrooms, clothes in our wardrobe, office supplies at work …

The Zero Waste VoyageTM is an exploratory journey. It’s about finding creative ways to keep my waste to a minimum in order to reduce my footprint and inspire others to do the same. The Zero Waste VoyageTM is about ‘voluntary simplicity’ – it’s not about trying to make everything from scratch but rather making conscious choices on a day-to-day basis.


On my blog I share tips about ways to reduce waste in the kitchen, in the bathroom and specifically when traveling.

I showcase examples of ‘Zero Waste’ that I encounter during my journey – from the amazon jungle to the coast of Hawaii to the mountains of Chamonix. I shed light on those that are leading by example.

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Hawai’i Master’s Fieldwork. Photo credit: Andrew Richard Hara
Out to Sea
Plastic Tides Expedition Bermuda. Photo Credit: Julian Rodriguez
Ski Touring, Chamonix, Mt Blanc FRANCE . Photo Credit: Christian Shaw

I want to prove that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or elegance to live a conscious life . Zero Waste is approachable and you can incorporate aspects that work for you.

Shiva Rose along with Céline from Plastic Tides show their recipe for a natural medicine made of organic materials and herbs.  PC: David Wahlman