Zero Waste Kit

The Zero Waste Kit by Anato life .
This plastic free kit is your one stop for zero waste essentials, from shampoo bars, to reef-safe sunscreen, to tools for lightweight backpacking.
It’ll help you kickstart your own zero waste voyage.

Zero waste Kit
Anato — Regenerative Body Care for people wanting pure, socially responsible products whilst reducing their plastic footprint. # Zero Waste Skincare

The Zero Waste Kit by Anato life is the perfect assemblage for Zero Waste Skincare. You’ll find solid shampoo bars, reef-safe sunscreen, zero waste makeup, Perennial Skincare, sls free shampoo. The ingredients are sourced from regenerative agriculture and will help you embark on a zero waste living journey— the zero waste voyage. This kit is also perfect for minimalist body care, tools and first-aid for camping and lightweight backpacking.

The Zero Waste kit was invented by Céline Jennison, as she set out on a journey around the world — sailing, kiteboarding, windsurfing and surfing with her brother Nicolas. She realised that in order to bring along organic, minimally packaged and affordable body care, she had to make a zero waste kit herself ! A year later, the zero waste kit manifested itself into a company: Anato life.

The zero waste kit contains:

Two shampoo bars, also known as zero waste shampoo that is leak-proof, versatile, ultra lightweight and minimalist.

The Herbal Hair Rinse goes alongside the shampoo bars and is used to detangle hair and bring back luster and shine.

The shampoo bar comes with a handy metal travel tin so as to easily transport the soap or shampoo when traveling. (Ont of the best features of this Zero Waste Voyager kit!)

A reef-safe sunscreen also known as the best sunblock for surfers as it is non-sting, waterproof and SPF 50. This conscious sunblock works great for kids as it S T I C K S and comes in two colours: nude or orange.

The heal all salve is a great all-around repair balm for dry skin that might also be infected. This product is a fantastic replacement for Neosporin. 

The Envigorating sea scrub is made with salt and kelp from the Bay Area, harvested in small batches, sustainably.

The Wild Wolves detox is simply a great all-around deodorizing powder that has 3-in-1 virtues: can be used to detox armpits, as a smelly foot powder or as a deodorant !

And finally, the Zero Waste Voyager kit’s botanical balm is handy to have on hand for chapped lips.

Anato life is a Regenerative Body Care line for people wanting pure, socially responsible products whilst reducing their plastic footprint. Check out the full Zero Waste Kit here!

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